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Bitumim Based Tape for protection of pipelines from Corrosion, Tapes for waterproofing of roofs, waterproofing of foundations, for basements and underground jobs, waterproofing of swimming pools, tanks and reservoirs; made in India by Modi Poly

corrosion protection poly products from mumbai india

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corrosion protection poly products from mumbai india

bitumin tape for anti-corrosion application of pipelines

Bitumin Based Tape

Our Product Super Hydro Polymeric Plastimembrance "Super Corro-310" is composed of 90 Microns High Density Polyethylene film sandwiched between two layers of Polymeric Bitumen Laminated on both sides with 20 Micron HM / HDPE film. Available in 2mm and 1.5mm and also in customized requirements.

Properties of Super Corro-310

  • Plasto Elastic
  • Roof Movement Absorption
  • Flexibility at very low temperature
  • High temperature resistance
  • Practically no aging

Application of Super Corro-310

  • Pipelines for Corrosion Protection,
  • Waterproofing of roofs-trafficable and not trafficable both traditional and inverted,
  • Waterproofing of foundations, basements and underground jobs,
  • Waterproofing of swimming pools, tanks and reservoirs.

Application System

Super Hydro Polymeric Plastimembrance can be applied fully bonded over a coat of Bitumen Primer followed by a coat of that Bitumen Gr. 85/25 @ 1.20 Kg. / Sq. Meter. Super Corro-310 is then laid over this hot and cold bitumen with 10cm overlap. The overlap are then sealed by torching.

Technical Data

  • Polymeric Bitumen Weight per sq. meter 3kg - 2kg
  • Softening Point 125C 5
  • Penetration at 25 C 100g. 5 sec. (as per IS : 1203/78) 105
  • Thickness of enforcement film HM / HDPE Film 90 Microns
  • Covering Plastic 2 Polyethylene films in 0.01mm thick
  • Breaking Strength, N/5 cm (as per ASTM D-412) 120N/5 cm
  • Tensile Strength (Elongation % as per ASTM D-412) 300
  • Heat Resistance (as per IS : 13826/93 Part V) Does not drip
  • Cold Resistance Pliability (as per ASTM D-146) Does not crack at 0C
  • Pressure head test 30cm for 1 hour (as per IS : 391/75) No leakage observed
bitumin tapes

Insulation Tapes and Sheets

Expanded Polyethylene & Polyurethane based self adhesive tape and sheets is specially made for air conditioners, ducting, sound dampening, surface protection and gap filler purpose.


  • Water and Solvent based adhesive with release paper
  • Thickness, 2mm onwards (up to 20mm)
  • Flexibility at very low temperature
  • Low temperature resistance


  • Air conditioner, Water cooler, Refrigerator, Modular Furniture etc.
  • Also used for sound dampening purpose.
  • Suitable thickness is advisable for application

Application System

Expanded Polyethylene & Polyurethane based self adhesive tape and sheets can stick on the surface after releasing the release paper. available in customize requirements also.

bitumin anti corrosive tapes

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bitumin custom tapes

corrosion protection poly products from mumbai india

Bitumin based Taps for corrosion protection of pipelines
and for critical water proofing jobs, made in India.

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