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Selection of proper VCI, vapor corrosion inhibitor products for protection of metal surfaces depends upon many factors, some of which are : size of metal parts, whether made from ferrous or non-ferrous metal or multi metals, scope of fingerprint impressions, transportation, transit, storage and shipping conditions, period of effectiveness required, duration of protection for storage and shipment, method of application of VCI products on metal surface, protection of internal & enclosed surface of metal items.

corrosion protection poly products from mumbai india

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corrosion protection poly products from mumbai india

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Selecting a proper Volatile corrosion Inhibitor

There are mainly three options which are generally used in industry for protection of metal parts and components from corrosion which are application of Oil & Grease, VCI Paper and Sealrust Poly Material. There are Advantages and disadvantages associated with each method of rust and corrosion protection.

sealrust® VCI, anti corrosive poly packaging material manufactured by us is meant for Industrial Use only and not intended for contact with food stuff.

While selecting proper corrosion inhibitor for protection of metal surface against corrosion and rust, for proper packaging system and effective results, several factors should be considered, some of which are as under:

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  • Nature of Material and surface to be protected :

    Whether metal parts and finished goods are small or large, object is made out of ferrous or non-ferrous metal or both?

    It is advisable to use such VCI packaging material which protects both ferrous as well as non-ferrous metal surface. sealrust® VCI product works in multi metal environment. For optimum efficiency of VCI formulation, VCI Poly should be as near to metal surface as possible.

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  • Methods of Handling :

    Whether manual or machine handling ? What is the scope of acceptance of fingerprint impressions on the metal parts?

    Fingerprint impressions are biggest source of corrosion of the metal surface. Hence direct touching of metal components should be avoided. For proper protection of metal parts and components, packing personnel should wear hand gloves.

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  • Type of Protection needed :

    Whether protection required during processing and Manufacturing or during storage, transportation and shipping?

    There are various options available for protection of metal components from corrosion and rust. Application of oil or grease is the conventional method of protection widely used in industry. It is useful only for short term protection. sealrust® VCI poly packaging material provide long term protection for storage, transportation and shipping.

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  • Packaging Environment and Packaging System :

    What are storage, transportation and shipping conditions - surrounding temperature, humidity, presence of salt, sulphur in the atmosphere?

    In adverse surroundings with high level of humidity, high temperature, salty atmosphere; the rate of corrosion is very high. It is, therefore, suggested to use sealrust® VCI packaging material for proper protection of metal surface. Use of VCI liner in cartons as a secondary packaging media will give added advantage for better protection.

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  • Period and Duration of effectiveness :

    Whether protection from corrosion and rust required is for short term or long term; one week to eight weeks: or six months to two years or more?

    Duration of protection required is most important factor to be kept in mind while taking a decision regarding nature and type of corrosion protection material to be used in view of cost associated with the decision. For very short duration of 2 weeks to 4 weeks, application of oil or grease may be sufficient. For non critical applications application of anti rust material by brush or spray may serve the purpose. However, for long term protection one should use paper or poly having property of volatile corrosion inhibitor (VCI).

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  • Method of application of VCI Products :

    Whether VCI application is by dipping, spraying, fogging, brushing or packing in paper or poly bags and wrappers?

    For protection of inner surfaces of metal items like tanks, containers, boilers, compressors, engines, water soluble VCI material may be used by dipping, brushing, spraying or fogging the metal objects. For tubular metal products like jumbo coils, best option is to use stretch cling film or wrapper having VCI properties.

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Useful Information about VCI Material

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Range of our VCI Anti Corrosion Products :

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sealrust® VCI Poly Products, available in custom & standard sizes, for protection of
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