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  VCI poly flexible packaging material is more useful than traditional VCI Paper for protection against corrosion of multi metal products, castings, components, spares, parts, machines and Finished Goods. Plastics packing products are more advantageous than other packaging material like wooden packing boxes, corrugated box, bituminised Hessian cloth and silica gel. sealrust® products made in India by Modi Poly, a Mumbai based Indian manufacturer and exporter. 

corrosion protection poly products from mumbai india

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corrosion protection poly products from mumbai india

sealrust poly products from india

Suitability of VCI Poly Flexible Material over VCI Paper

As packaging medium for protection of metal surface from corrosion and rust, VCI Poly material has many advantages over Traditional VCI paper products . Some of the main Advantages are :


Effective Moisture Barrier Properties of Plastics

VCI Poly material, like Bags, Tubes and Sheets works, as very powerful and effective moisture barrier, which is not the case with paper. In fact, on many occasions paper absorbs moisture, which it self becomes cause of corrosion.


Additional Benefits of Anti Corrosion Properties

Often poly bags are preferred over paper bags for protection of material from moisture, dust and other reasons. VCI Poly bags provide same benefits in addition to corrosion protection.


Poly Packaging Material is Transparent

VCI poly bags, tubings and sheets are transparent and hence packed products can be identified without opening packing. These benefits are not available with Paper bags as the packed material has to be opened for identification of the items packed.


Other Benefits of VCI Poly Material

VCI Poly bags , tubings and sheets are dimensionally stable and can be folded and heat sealed. Plastic Products are available in custom sizes and colours, thus suitable for packing of all types and all sizes of products and for all types of packaging requirements. Non of these benefits are available with paper packaging material. Moreover Poly film have much more superior tear strength than Paper.


Superior VCI Properties for Optimum Protection

VCI paper is manufactured by coating of VCI chemical on paper while VCI Poly products are produced by extrusion process using VCI formulation and master batch. Thus in poly film and bags there is uniform distribution of VCI chemical thereby giving more effective performance compared to VCI coated Paper. Paper absorbs moisture and humidity which may be released at high temperature there by causing corrosion and rusting which is not possible with plastics.


Safe and Protective Enclosure with Poly Material

There are many benefits of using VCI poly Products compared to VCI paper. Poly Products can be heat sealed to form a safe and protective enclosure around the object. Paper Bags have to be sealed using some adhesive which itself may cause corrosion.

anti rust products from india

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anti rust products from india

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corrosion protection poly products from mumbai india

VCI Poly Packing Material is more advantageous than traditional VCI Paper,
Wooden Packing Boxes, Corrugated Box, Bituminised Hessian Cloth and Silica Gel
in Surface Protection of Metal Parts and Components from Corrosion.

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