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  sealrust® VCI flexible packaging plastics material is cost effective compared to other methods of Corrosion protection like Oiling & Greasing, coating and using vci Paper. Poly plastics VCI products, in custom and standard sizes such as bags, tubes, sheets and stretch cling film & wrappers are most suitable for packing of ferrous metals, non-ferrous metal and multi metal products, castings, components, spares, parts and Finished Goods for storage, export packaging and overseas shipment. sealrust® products are made in India by Modi Poly, a Mumbai based Indian manufacturer and exporter. 

corrosion protection poly products from mumbai india

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corrosion protection poly products from mumbai india

sealrust poly products from india

Various Packaging Materials : Shortcomings

There are various methods of packing of metal parts, components, assemblies and military hardware. The concept behind every packaging option is to ensure that the metal objects are not physically damaged and at the same time they are protected from corrosion and rust during transportation, shipment and storage.

For protection of metal items from damage, corrosion and rust, conventionally following options are being used in industry :

  • Wooden Boxes
  • Corrugated Boxes
  • Hessian Cloth Bituminised
  • Plastic Bags, Boxes etc
  • Silica Gel, Desicant

Each option of packaging, with reference to corrosion prevention, has merits and demerits. Proper packaging solution involves selection of such option which gives optimum protection at minimum cost and ease of use in terms of saving of packing time and labour.

Advantages and disadvantages of above packaging options, in brief, have been discussed as under:

anti rust products from india

Wooden Boxes as Packaging Material

Wooden Boxes are used in industry since last so many years to protect the material from damage during transportation and shipment. It is wrongly believed that metal components packed in wooden box will be protected from corrosion and rust. The wood has moisture and acetic acid stored in it which is released at high temperature causing extensive corrosion and rusting of metal parts.

Wooden Boxes are, therefore, suitable only for secondary packaging to avoid physical damages to metal items.

anti rust products from india

Corrugated Boxes as Packing Material

Corrugated Boxes are basically used to provide damage protection to light and small components and parts. It is well known fact that water is extensively used in manufacturing of corrugated sheets. Some traces of water may remain in it in the form of moisture which is released at high temperature causing corrosion and rusting.

Corrugated Boxes are, therefore, suitable only for secondary packaging but the same can not be used for protection from corrosion.

anti rust products from india

Bituminised Hessian Cloth

Bituminised Hessian cloth provide damage protection and also works as high moisture barrier. It is suitable for wrapping tubular metal material like large coils. However, it is very difficult to pack large objects which has different shapes and sizes. Use of this method is very expensive and time consuming.

Bituminised hessian cloth is suitable as primary packaging means.

anti rust products from india

Plastic Sheet, Bags etc

Normal Plastic sheets and Bags provide protection from dust and, to some extent, from moisture. This option, if used as a primary packaging means, will neither protect metal parts and components from corrosion nor from any physical damage and scratches.

To protect metal parts and components form physical damages and scratches, one has to use either wooden boxes or corrugated boxes as a secondary means of packaging.

Use of VCI Poly sheets, bags etc as a primary packaging means will not only protect metal items form corrosion and rust but also also from dust. VCI Poly packaging material is cost effective compared to any other option available for corrosion protection.

anti rust products from india

Silica Gel, Desiccant etc

Silica Gel, Desiccant absorbs moisture and thus protects the metal object to some extent from rusting. However, at high temperature it will release the absorbed moisture causing corrosion. It is suitable for very small parts and components. It can not be used for large size parts, components and machines.

anti rust products from india

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anti rust products from india

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corrosion protection poly products from mumbai india

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