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  sealrust® VCI Poly flexible packaging material manufactured in India by Modipoly is much more cost effective compared to similar products sourced from anywhere else in the world. Custom Poly plastics products: bags, tubes, sheets and stretch cling film & wrappers are most suitable for packing of ferrous metals, non-ferrous metal and multi metal products, castings, components, spares, parts and Finished Goods for storage, export packaging and overseas shipment. Sealrust products made in India by Modi Poly, a Mumbai based Indian manufacturer and exporter. 

corrosion protection poly products from mumbai india

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corrosion protection poly products from mumbai india

sealrust poly products from india

How to Measure VCI Poly Products for Ordering

sealrust® VCI Poly products are available in Standard and Custom sizes, thickness and colours to take care of individual packaging requirements. For VCI applications, we recommend use of VCI Poly Material of Thickness not less than 400 gauge (100 microns
or 0.1 mm)

sealrust® VCI Poly material is available in Standard Light Yellow Colour and can be supplied in any custom colour as per requirements. For Specifications of available VCI Poly Packaging Products, Please Click the Link -> Range & Specifications of VCI Poly Products for more Details.

While ordering following guileless will help to measure and specify Normal Bags, Gusset Bags, 3D Bags and Tubings :


How Poly Bags (also called 2 D Bags) are measured ?

Width x Length x Gauge

Example: Bag Size - 10" x 15" x 400 gauge

  Width of Bag (Out site Dimension) = 10"
  Length (or Height) of Bag                = 15" (excluding Sealing Portion)
  Thickness of Single Layer                 = 400 gauge


How Gusset Bags are measured ?

Width x Depth x Length x Gauge

Example: Bag Size - 8" x 3" x 15" x 400 gauge

  Width of Bag (Out side Dimension) = 8"
  Depth (From Front to Back)              = 3"
  Length of Bag (Or Height)                 = 15" (excluding Sealing Portion)
  Thickness of Single Layer                  = 400 gauge


How Pallet Covers or 3D Bags / Box Type Bags are measured ?

Width x Depth x Height x Gauge

Example: Pallet Cover Size - 30" x 40" x 50" x 500 gauge

  Width of pallet Cove              = 30" (excluding Sealing Portion)
   Depth (From front to Back) = 40" (excluding Sealing Portion)
   Height of bag (Or Length)   = 50" (excluding Sealing Portion)
  Thickness of Single Layer     = 500 gauge

  (Open side or Top Opening Dimensions : Width X Depth = 30" X 40")


How Poly Tubing is Measured ?

Width x length x Gauge

Example: Tubing Size - 36" x 1500' x 400 G (Measured as outside dimensions)

  Width of poly Tubing         = 36" (measure lying flat on a surface)
  Length of Tubing                = 1500"
  Thickness of single Layer = 400 gauge

anti rust products from india

Useful Information about Anti Corrosive Products : 

made in india by modipoly

Range of our VCI, Corrosion Protection Products : 

anti rust products from india

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corrosion protection poly products from mumbai india

Indian manufacturer of corrosion resistance, VCI, custom Poly flexible Products
for protective packaging of ferrous, non-ferrous and multi-metal
products for long term storage and export shipment.

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