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Humidity, moisture and other chemicals like acids, salts, sulphur present in the atmosphere is measure cause of corrosion of cargo during transportation and shipment. To protect the metal goods from corrosion and rust, ultimate packaging solution is to use sealrust® poly packaging material, which has VCI and moisture barrier properties, made in India by Modipoly. Sealrust VCI Poly Products are available in standard and custom sizes and thickness to suit all critical requirement.

corrosion protection poly products from mumbai india

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corrosion protection poly products from mumbai india

sealrust moisture barrier poly products from india

Prevention of Corrosion

One of the major cause of corrosion is presence of Moisture or humidity in the atmosphere. For protection of metal parts, components and other goods form corrosion and rust, there are various option available, like oiling & greasing, use of VCI Paper, use of VCI poly Bags and also use of Moisture Barrier Bags. Each option has its own merits and demerits.

There are, however, two basic ways to protect metal parts and components form corrosion :

  • Moisture Barrier Poly Bags
  • VCI Poly Bags

Though both the above methods protect the metal in one way or the other, there system of functioning is entirely different from each other for protection of metal items.

For optimum protection, the ultimate packaging solution is to use such poly material which has both moisture barrier as well as VCI properties.

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Moisture Barrier Bags for Corrosion Control

Moisture Barrier Bags do not allow moisture to enter in the Bags. Thus it controls the environment of the product inside the Bags. Once the object is packed inside the bag by sealing it, moisture can not enter in the bag there by giving protection to the material from moisture.

Efficiency of moisture barrier bag will depend upon the type of material used and its thickness. The moisture barrier Quality of the material used in manufacturing such bags is measured by Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate which is called "MVTR".

As long as the bag is intact and the metal product is placed inside the bag, which is within a controlled humidity environment, the product will be protected from corrosion for a long time.

Moisture barrier bags will be effective within the environment of controlled humidity. However such bags may not protect the material due to presence of several other chemicals in the atmosphere like acids, salts and sulphur, which causes corrosion.

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Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor Poly Bags for Corrosion Control

Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor, which is called as "VCI", Poly bags function in totally different way. Inhibitors are chemical compounds which provide an invisible barrier film on the object. In other words VCI chemicals form a barrier between the corrosive atmosphere inside the bag, and the product.

Thus VCI Poly Bags provide protection against corrosive agents like moisture, salty air, acids, sulphur and many other contaminants by forming a micro layer on the object which is totally isolated.

In case of moisture barrier bags, entry of humidity is not allowed to transmit in the bags. However 100% moisture barrier material may be difficult to procure.

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Ultimate Packaging Solution for Protection from Corrosion

The ultimate packaging solution for long term protection of metal products from corrosion and rust is to use Poly Bags having both VCI as well as moisture barrier properties.

sealrust® mono layer Poly Bags developed by us is made out of low density polyethylene has blend of VCI Chemicals, and manufactured in India by Modipoly Group using state of art technology. Our Bags have better moisture barrier properties compared to other similar Bags available in market.

All sealrust® poly packaging products are available in standard and custom sizes, thickness & colors.

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corrosion protection poly products from mumbai india

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