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For optimum protection of metal parts, parts, components, castings and assemblies from rust and corrosion, packing of finished goods should be done immediately in VCI sealrust® Poly Products, wear gloves while handling metal parts for packing. However field testing should always be done before deciding upon performance and effectiveness of any VCI material, specially when VCI material is to be used for exports and bulk packaging. 

corrosion protection poly products from mumbai india

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corrosion protection poly products from mumbai india

customised vci poly bags sheets

Guidelines for using VCI Poly Products

VCI mean Volatile corrosion inhibitor Before using any VCI Poly or Paper Products, it is necessary to know as to how VCI Material Work for corrosion and rust control?

Very small does (PM) of inhibitor from the carrier material is continually released by evaporation into surrounding area in which item to be protected is stored. VCI molecules, on evaporation saturate the enclosed air space and also settle on the metal surface to form an invisible thin film which protect the metal from attack.

Though absolute duration, effectiveness and degree of protection of VCI material is determined by many factors such as selection of VCI material, packing methods, duration of protection desired, surrounding conditions which includes temperature, humidity, air flow, presence of salt & sulphur in the atmosphere; following guidelines should be followed for optimum protection :

  • VCI Plastic Material should be used for the purpose of Primary Packaging. It should not be combined with other methods of corrosion protection.

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  • Finished products, parts, components and assemblies made out of ferrous or non ferrous metal material should be packed immediately at the time of Production. Jobs and items to be packed should be free from Moisture, Dust, Dirt and Rust. Corrosion already present can not be repaired By any VCI material.

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  • Metal components, parts and their surfaces should be clean and free from finger prints before packing into VCI bags, tubing, liners, sheets or wrappers. Components and parts made of metals get corroded due to presence of humidity and also corrosive nature of salts present in human skin. For better protection Packing person should always wear gloves while handling metal parts.

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  • Distance between the VCI Material and surface of the metal product to be protected, should be minimum and should not be more than 6".There should not be any barrier between VCI product and the surface of metal items to be protected. Moreover direct contact of wood with the metal should be avoided.

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  • In case of packing of objects like coils of steel wires by wrapping, the same should be tightly overlapped and overlapping should be by 70 % of VCI film.


  • VCI Material should not to be stocked for more than six months before use. Unused VCI material should be kept in original packing and should be stored in a cool, dry area and away from direct sunlight.VCI material should not be subjected to excessive moisture or heat before use.

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  • Salt Spray Tests and Humidity tests provide only guidelines about effectiveness of VCI products. It is, therefore, necessary to conduct field testing of VCI products before deciding about its effectiveness and performance.

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  • Field Testing is recommended for export and bulk packaging since packed product is transported by different agencies and pass through different temperature zones having different atmospheric conditions.

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  • sealrust® VCI Poly Products manufactured and sold by us is meant for Industrial use Only.
guidelines for using vci products

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customized vci products

corrosion protection poly products from mumbai india

Guidelines for using sealrust VCI poly, plastics material
for optimum protection of multi-metal products from rust and corrosion
during storage, transportation and shipment.

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