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  sealrust® VCI Poly flexible packaging material is cost effective compared to other methods of Corrosion protection like Oiling & Greasing. Use of VCI plastic is more economical than using vci Paper. Custom Poly plastics products: bags, tubes, sheets, liners and stretch cling film & wrappers are most suitable for packing of ferrous metals, non-ferrous metal and multi metal products, castings, components, spares, parts, machinery and Finished Goods for storage, export packaging and overseas shipment. Sealrust seaworthy corrosion and rust protective products are made in India by Modi Poly, a Mumbai based Indian manufacturer and exporter. 

corrosion protection poly products from mumbai india

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corrosion protection poly products from mumbai india

sealrust poly products from india

Corrosion & Rust Prevention : Protection Options Available

There are various methods of protection of metal spare parts, components, assemblies, machines and military hardware from corrosion and rust. There are following options of corrosion protection mainly used in industry :

  • Oiling or Greasing (Contact corrosion inhibitors)
  • VCI paper
  • VCI Poly material
  • Water soluble VCI liquid formulation

Each option of corrosion prevention has merits and demerits. Proper packaging solution involves selection of such option which gives optimum protection at minimum cost and ease of application in terms of saving of time and labour.

Advantages and disadvantages of above methods and options have been discussed as under:

Options for Consideration Application of Oil, Grease etc Using VCI Paper for Protection Using Sealrust Poly Products for Protection
Suitability Suitable where only metal items are to be Protected. Not suitable if metal parts contain rubber or other material Suitable only for small items. Not suitable for Big size items and where visual inspection is required Suitable for all sizes of Products and for all situations
Method of Application To be applied by Brush or Hand. Time consuming Process Packing or Wrapping is easy Packing or Wrapping is easy
Drawback of Using Degreasing and removing oil is expensive and time consuming Not suitable if product require visual Inspection No such Problems
Moisture Barrier Properties No surety unless secondary Packing is done No surety as Paper itself may absorb Moisture Barrier of Moisture. Higher the thickness of Poly, better it is Barrier of Moisture
Availability and Sizes In Liquid or Paste Form While using large size Paper may get damaged. Hence suitable for only small components Bags available with custom Width, Thickness and Color
Transparency Transparent Not Transparent Almost Transparent and items can be inspected without opening packing
Additional Packing Packed items require additional packing of material like Plastic or jute Additional packing required to protect the paper Additional Packing Not required. If necessary thickness of Poly can be increased
Cost/Benefits Effectiveness Though Cost of Oil is not much, but this method is very Expensive due to cost of oiling and greasing and degreasing in terms of Labour Cost & Time involved and cost of secondary Packing Costly than Sealrust Poly Packaging material in terms of monetary value and less features available than Poly material Much more Cost effective than any other method of corrosion protection

Please Click the Link -> Water soluble VCI liquid Compound for details of protection of inner and enclosed metal surfaces of tanks, containers, boilers, compressors, engines, tubes and pipe systems from corrosion and rust.

anti rust products from india

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anti rust products from india

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corrosion protection poly products from mumbai india

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