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VCI, Volatile corrosion inhibitors, vapor phase inhibitor based custom, anti corrosive, rust preventive, sealrust, flexible packaging, VCI custom Poly Bags, Tubing & Plastics Sheets provide effective and long lasting resistance and surface protection against rust and corrosion to parts, components, assemblies, castings and Finished Goods; made out of ferrous, non-ferrous metal and multi metals; like carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminum, silver, silicon steel, galvanized steel; during Storage, transit and overseas shipment for exports; made in India by Modi Poly.

corrosion protection poly products from mumbai india

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corrosion protection poly products from mumbai india

sealrust vci custom poly bags

Anti Corrosive, VCI custom Poly Bags, Tubing & Sheets

Surface of most of the metals corrode due to moisture water, acids, salts and many other chemicals present in the atmosphere. Deterioration and degradation of surfaces of metals also take place when they are exposed to gases containing sulphur, acid vapours and ammonia gas.

The corosion process is often accelerated when metal products are exposed to environmental changes which can happen during product transportation, overseas shipments or long term storage.

Sealrust, VCI Poly Bags, Tubes and Plastic Sheets provide most effective packaging solution for protection against rust and corrosion for both ferrous, non-ferrous metal and also multi metal surfaces, spares, parts assemblies and finished goods.

Sealrust anti corrosion, anti rust, poly flexible packaging, VCI bags, tubes and sheets are suitable for must metal and multi metal surfaces which include carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminum, silver, silicon steel and galvanized steel for storage, transit and shipments.

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Sealrust Corrosion Resistance Plastics Bags & Tubing

Sealrust, Anti corrosion, anti rusting, corrosion resistance Poly, Plastic vci (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor) Bags, Tubing & Sheets available in custom sizes and thickness for packing and protection of automobile spare parts, bearings, steel wires, castings and engineering spares and items like piston, piston pins, needles, surgical blades, welding electrodes, electronic items, sintered products and many more.

Sealrust Poly Products are manufactured using low density polyethylene (LDPE) plastics granules and VCI master batch, VCI Chemicals and additives to achieve VCI and corrosion resistance properties.

We manufacture VCI Bags, gusset bags, 3d bags and pallet covers in custom sizes, thickness and colors to take care of most critical requirements of individual clients. Please Click the Link -> Range & Specifications to get details of VCI Products manufactured by us.

For optimum benefits and to control costs it is necessary to procure material of right sizes and right specifications. Please Click the Link -> How to Measure VCI Poly Products to know the Rules of measurement while Ordering.

Sealrust VCI Poly Products manufactured and sold by us is
meant for Industrial use Only.

Modi Poly is an reputed Indian manufacturer and exporter. Our manufacturing units are located in Mumbai in India. We have adequate infrastructure and in house facilities to manufacture custom Poly bags, tubes and VCI sheets.

vci poly tube, tubings, tubes for anti corrosive applications

Use of Poly Tubing for Packaging

Poly Tubing can be used to pack round, square, rectangle, or any irregular size of product like metal tubes and rods.

It is most useful packing media to cover and protect such items for which standard sizes of bags can not be procured. Poly Tubing is an excellent choice when large or odd size bag is required for packaging.

vci poly bags for anti corrosive applications

Advantages of VCI Plastics Bags compared to VCI Paper Bags

  • VCI, Corrosion resistance plastic bags, tubing and sheets are Barrier of moisture and dust proof where as VCI Paper Bags absorb moisture and humidity which itself is responsible for corrosion.

  • Material and Finished Goods made out of ferrous or non-ferrous metals, packed in anti corrosive & anti rusting PE VCI bags and tubes does not require any other additional packing. In case of Paper bags additional packaging is required.

  • Anti rust, Sealrust VCI poly bags, tubes and sheets are almost transparent and hence packed items can be identified without opening the package which is not possible if paper bags are used.

  • VCI Poly bags can withstand temperature from -60 degree F to +200 degree F.

  • Sealrust vci bags, tubes and sheets made out of low density polyethylene are dimensionally stable and can be folded and available in custom sizes and colours, thus suitable for all types and all sizes of products and for all types of packaging requirements.

  • Sealrust, anti rust and anti corrosive vci poly, plastics material is 100% recyclable.

  • VCI Poly Bags are Economical than VCI paper bags or any other flexible packaging material used for corrosion and rust protection.

  • Sealrust VCI plastics Tubings, Bags and poly Sheets can withstand environmental abuse which paper cannot.

  • Sealrust vci poly material is water, oil, grease resistant compared to paper.

  • Plastic material has much more tensile strengththan paper, hence it is tear resistance.

  • Sealrust, VCI, anti corrosion, anti rust poly packaging products are suitable for all types of metals like carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminum, silver, silicon steel and galvanized steel.

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Customised poly Products for Specific & Speciality Packaging

Sealrust, vci poly products are manufactured by extrusion process where raw Low Density Polyethylene, popularly known as LDPE, granules are transformed into tubes and sheets. As per custom requirement we can manufacture flat tubing, gusset tubings, bags, single wound sheeting and centrefold sheets as per
customized sizes and thickness.

We can add color concentrate to manufacture poly bags and tubes as per custom colours. We can also add other specialised performance additives for anti static properties, flame retardant and ultraviolet inhibitors to match your individual requirements.

We also manufacture custom specialty packaging, protective, intermediate and performance plastics sheets, tubes and bags for most critical industrial applications. Some of our special application products are :

  • High Density Polyethylene (HD) customized sheets which is as base material required in manufacturing of bitumen based tapes for bonding and cross linking with bitumen, to manufacture Insulation and corrosion protective Tapes.

  • Normally 90 Microns High Density Polyethylene film is sandwiched between two layers of Polymeric Bitumen Laminated Tapes. We manufacture such special purpose HD sheets in custom width, thickness and colours.

  • We also manufacture HM/HDPE Film and Sheets of standard thickness of 20 microns, used for lamination of two layers of Polymeric Bitumen on both sides.
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Useful information about anti corrosive products :

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Range of our other VCI Products :

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corrosion resistance plastic items

corrosion protection poly products from mumbai india

VCI poly bags, Gusset Bags, 3d Bags, Pallet Covers, tubes
available in custom sizes, thickness and colours
for corrosion and rust protection of components, parts and assemblies
made from ferrous metal or non-ferrous metals.

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