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VCI, Corrosion resistance, anti Corrosive, anti rust, VCI flexible packaging material; sealrust®, custom Poly plastics products: bags, covers, tubes, sheets and stretch cling film & wrappers for protection against corrosion for all applications; for packing of ferrous metals, non-ferrous metal and multi metal products, castings, components, spares, parts and Finished Goods for storage, export packaging and overseas shipment; made in India by Modi Poly, a Mumbai based Indian manufacturer and exporter. 

corrosion protection poly products from mumbai india

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corrosion protection poly products from mumbai india

sealrust poly products from india

About Corrosion and its impact on Metal Processing Industries

Corrosion is the process by which metal either deteriorate or degrade or destroyed through reaction with the environment. Most of the metals corrode due to moisture , water, acids, salts and many other chemicals present in the atmosphere. Deterioration and degradation of metals also take place when they are exposed to gases containing sulphur, acid vapor and ammonia gas.

Corrosion is an ongoing concern for industries all over the world. Corrosion may result into reduced life span of parts and assemblies. Moreover finished goods made out of metal may fail to perform as expected. Thus corrosion and rust have direct impact on the costing and efficiency of the finished goods. Millions of rupees are lost every year due to the corrosion and rusting of metal.

To prevent and effectively control the problems associated with corrosion & rust and to reduce the losses, there are various Packaging Options Available for corrosion Prevention. The most optimum corrosion protection packaging solution is to use plastic material having properties of VCI or volatile corrosion inhibitor.

sealrust® anti Corrosive, anti rust, VCI (volatile corrosion inhibitor) flexible Plastics material provide seaworthy packaging concept for exports and shipments of metal parts and components. VCI based poly flexible material provide optimum Seaworthy Export Packaging Solutions for corrosion control and protection.

We at Modipoly, provide rust preventive, corrosion control and corrosion protection solutions in the field of custom made flexible packaging Poly, Plastics Products namely Bags, 3D Bags, Pallet Covers having 5 sides or 6 sides, Tubing, Sheets, Liners and Stretch Cling film & Wrappers. All these products are based on the chemistry of Vapor Phase Inhibitor.

"Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor" stands for "VCI". It is also described and known as "Vapor Phase Inhibitor" which stands for "VPI". However both the words VCI & VPI have same meaning and are interchangeable.

corrosion protection poly products from mumbai india

Corrosion and Rust

The term Corrosion and Rusting are often used interchangeably. The expression "Rust" is typically applicable to Iron & steel and ferrous metals. However the expression "Corrosion" is used for most of the cases as it includes both ferrous metal and non-ferrous metals.

anti corrosion and anti rust products

Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor System for Protection

Inhibitors are chemical compounds which inhibit and reduce the contact of the metal surface with their corrosive environment. In other words VCI provide an invisible barrier film on the metal object which stops the corrosive reaction.

While using VCI packing material for corrosion and rest prevention, there is no need of application of oil or grease or any other similar protective material on metal parts and components.

For protection of metal parts and finished goods for storage, seaworthy packaging and for export packaging, various options are available. However Selection of Proper Corrosion Inhibitor for optimum protection of metal and corrosion control depends on a number of factors.

For flexible packing requirements Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors (VCI), and Vapor Phase Inhibitors (VPI), products are preferred for protection of multi metal products against corrosion and rust. For optimum results one should follow certain Guidelines for using VCI Products.

contact corrosion inhibitor

Contact Corrosion Inhibitor (CCI) vs Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI)

Conventionally contact corrosion inhibitors like oil, grease etc are being used for protection of metal items. A contact corrosion inhibitor protects only that surface and the area of the total system which come into direct contact with the corrosive preventive material.

Such surface and area of the metal system which do not have direct contact with CCI, will tend to corrode and get rusted. In case of VCI chemical compounds and its formulation covers the entire surface of the system uniformly and protects the metal.

sealrust vci anti corrosion and anti rust products

sealrust® VCI Flexible Poly Packaging Products

sealrust® VCI, anti corrosion, anti rust poly packaging material is suitable for all types ferrous and non ferrous metals like carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminum, silver, silicon steel and galvanized steel and multi metal product.

For proper protection of metal parts and components, VCI plastic packing material should be used during manufacturing process as primary packaging material. It should not be combined with any other Brand or make of VCI protective material. There is no need of application of oil or grease on metal objects.

sealrust® VCI Poly material is heat sealable like any other polyethylene material. Scrap of VCI plastics material can be reprocessed without any difficulty into commercial grade film in the same way like reprocessing of any other PE material.

VCI, anti corrosive poly packaging material is meant for Industrial Use only and not intended for contact with food stuff.

Testing as per ASTM B-117 in salt spray chamber

Salt Spray Testing as per ASTM B-117

sealrust® Poly Bags of thickness 500 gauge were tested by Department of Corrosion Science & Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Mumbai as per ASTM B-117 in salt spray chamber.

Steel samples were observed after 1000 hours. No trace of corrosion product or pitting or corrosion at the edges was seen.

As per the Test Report it was concluded that the poly bags with trademark sealrust® were effective in controlling the corrosion of steel in 1,000 hours salt spray test.

sealrust bags tubing sheets wrappers from india

Uses of sealrust® VCI, Anti Corrosive Poly material

For long term Protection of Metal Parts and Components, VCI Poly Material should be used during manufacturing process as primary packaging material. There is no need of oiling or greasing of metal objects. It is useful for the following sectors of Industries :

Industries Items can be Protected using VCI Material


Spare Parts, Components, SKD

Metal Coils

Steel, Aluminum, Copper Brass, Bronze, Silver

Machinery Export

Parts, Components etc for Shipping and Storage


Precision Tools and Instruments


Steel, Copper Plated, Brass, Bronze, Aluminum


Storage & Transport of Components, metals


Medical Instruments and Surgical Blades

Metal Components

Machined Castings, Crank Shafts, Bearings, Dies


Nuts, Bolts, Screws, Tools


Military Hardware, Fire Arms

spare parts, components, tools, instruments, castings, military hardware

Sealrust® VCI custom Poly Bags, Tubes & Sheets

Sealrust® Corrosion Resistance, anti rusting, VCI Poly Bags, Tubes; vapor phase corrosion inhibitor Sheets and VCI films are available in custom sizes and thickness to provide seaworthy packaging and optimum protection against corrosion during storage and overseas shipments for exports.

vci poly plastics wrappers made in india

VCI poly Wrappers in custom Sizes & Thickness

VCI plastic wrappers, VCI films and VCI sheets provide most effective solution for corrosion resistance & rust protection for both ferrous as well as non-ferrous metal products for export shipment and long term storage. Coils of steel wire are subject to corrosion during manufacturing process due to presence of sulphuric gases at pickling process. Plastics VCI Wrappers are specially manufactured in standard and customised sizes & thickness to pack wire rods, coils of steel wires during work in process and for storage and exports.

vci film, stretch cling film from india

Stretch Cling Film, Wrappers with VCI Properties

VCI Stretch cling wrap PE Film contains combination of cling as well as VCI Properties. It is specially useful for packing of metal coils to prevent slippage and zippering. It is available for hand wrap and for machine wrapping. It is stretchable up to 300% and available in standard and custom sizes & thickness.

bitumin tapes for protection

Protection of Internal & Enclosed Metal Surface of vessels & containers from Rust

Metal items like vessels, tanks, containers, boilers, compressors, pumps, turbines, heat exchangers, tubes & pipe systems are manufactured well in advance for large projects. During shipping, storage or extended period of inactivity, there is sever problem of corrosion and rust on internal metal surfaces of these items. SRW-230, which is a water soluble concentrated additive, is designed to protect the internal and enclosed metal surfaces from corrosion & rust.

anti rust products from india

Useful Information about Anti Corrosive Products : 

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Range, Description & Availability of VCI Poly Products :

anti rust products from india

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corrosion protection poly products from mumbai india

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